Bed bugs are small most annoying creatures you imagine sharing his bed with especially if you are thinking of itchy bites that you have to endure. Besides vacuuming, steam cleaning and removing dust insecticide, there are ways on how you can protect yourself and your family. No you do not have to pull the mattress just because you've discovered an infestation of bed bugs. A guard bed mattress is the solution to your problem. This is much cheaper than a new mattress and bought a new mattress does not mean it can not be infested.

A mattress protector of the bed is basically a plastic swamp proof cover for your mattress that can zip around the outside therefore protector name. Keeps insects from entering the mattress. What if you already have bed bugs? The encasement will catch on and will eventually die but will not bother at all. Several tests were performed and has shown that errors have difficulty getting through encasements. Before you even put it on your mattress, you have empty so you can get rid of as many as possible.

What are the important things to consider when a mattress protector bed bug buy? First, you should not settle for the cheapest one you can get. Note that you always get what you pay. Find a guard at a reasonable price that is intended to solve your problem. Do not go mattress or mattress covers encasements. Even if you get one of these special allergy encasements, yet you have no guarantee that no bugs crawl into your bed while you are having a good night's sleep. Be very specific when you are out there shopping. Look for a mattress protector is designed to protect against bed bugs. Acquiring a professional and certified laboratory protector. If possible, look for a brand that has been created by experts insect extermination.

In addition to protection, you should also consider comfort when buying a mattress protector bed bug. You'll sleep on it every night so you want something that is comfortable and conducive to sleep. Choose a brand that offers a smooth, soft but durable fabric. What else do you have to look? Of course, you want something seamless construction. Seams, pockets and pleats are a definite turn off. Bedbugs can hide and lay eggs in the seams, pockets and folds so far you can see one of these, find another mattress protector. Finally, you buy should have a top zipper design and should be bite-proof and waterproof.

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